Dog Born Without Back Legs Has Learned To Balance On Front Legs Thanks To Her Kind Owner

 A dog that was born with solely two legs and was deserted to die has tailored to life by strolling on her two entrance paws.

Putol, a six-year-old Filipino dog with a congenital malformation, is ceaselessly noticed working alongside different canines and wandering the streets of Casiguran in Quezon Metropolis.

Putol, whose identify means “chopped” within the Luzonian language of Tagalog, is now in a position to steadiness herself due to the help of her proprietor Danilo Codilego Jr.

The dog, who has grow to be a neighborhood favourite owing to her bravery and zest for all times, entered Mr. Codilego’s life when a coworker from his former job confirmed up with 4 puppies.


The opposite puppies had been adopted, however tiny Putol with two legs was handed over.

They believed she would not reside very lengthy. The one particular person with the fortitude to assist her was me. We gambled as a result of we felt sorry for her. Apart from Putol, we had been puzzled.


Putol had bother strolling for the primary two years of her life, however she finally discovered to steadiness herself on her entrance legs.

The six-year-old dog, who’s fiercely dedicated to her grasp, is now ceaselessly noticed defending Mr. Codilego’s house.


Putol behaves like a guard dog, barking every time a stranger approaches, continued Mr. Codilego.

She additionally appears envious if I deal with one other dog. Apart from that, she is amiable and well-liked within the neighborhood.

She has no points when I’ve to journey for work as a result of she is taken care of by everybody.

She will not be explicit. She enjoys the meals we have now.

However she can’t grow to be pregnant given her situation.

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