Dog Tied To Pole Reaches Out Paw To The Cop Who’s Come To Save Him

Dog Tied To Pole Reaches Out Paw To The Cop Who’s Come To Save Him
Within the scorching warmth of Pompano, Florida, a distressing name reached the ears of Officer Angela Laurella. The report indicated that two dogs had been tethered to utility poles, their destiny hanging within the stability. With sweltering temperatures exceeding 100 levels, time was of the essence, and Officer Laurella sprang into motion. 

Upon her arrival, Officer Laurella was greeted by a heart-wrenching sight. A frail, grey dog clung desperately to a pole, his emaciated physique and vacant eyes testifying to the cruelty he had endured. The dog’s lifeless state was a stark distinction to the officer’s compassionate resolve.


The dog, later named Liam, was tethered to the pole with an incredibly brief leash, rendering him motionless. Each rib and bone in his physique protruded, a haunting testomony to his struggling. However amid this dire state of affairs, Liam displayed an unimaginable act of resilience and hope.

As Officer Laurella approached Liam, one thing extraordinary occurred. The weakened dog lowered his head and prolonged a paw in the direction of the officer, as if reaching out for assist. It was a poignant second, a silent plea for salvation from the predicament that had ensnared him.


Amy Roman, the president and founding father of 100+ Deserted Dogs of Everglades, Florida, recounted Liam’s plea. She described how Liam appeared to shrink and lengthen his paw as if beseeching help and escape from his torment.

Recognizing that Liam had endured a harrowing ordeal and required specialised care, Officer Laurella collaborated with the rescue group 100+ Deserted Dogs of Everglades Florida. Regardless of the rescue being overwhelmed with present instances, Roman welcomed Liam with open arms.


Liam’s journey to restoration started with a number of journeys to the vet. As a 17-pound pocket bulldog, he was severely underweight and dehydrated. Nevertheless, beneath Roman’s care, Liam began to regain his energy and urge for food. He acquired an abundance of affection and care, his physique steadily adjusting to common feedings, a testomony to his outstanding resilience.

“He will get a lot love on a regular basis,” Roman shared, emphasizing Liam’s light and loving nature. “He loves everybody, and this dog does not have a imply bone in his physique.” Liam’s capability for forgiveness and gratitude after enduring such hardship touched the hearts of all who encountered him.


Liam’s story serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges confronted by animals deserted or given up for adoption in Florida and past. Roman hopes that pet house owners will search help from shelters and rescues earlier than resorting to abandonment, particularly given the present pressure on shelter capacities.

Liam’s unwavering spirit and his willpower to increase a paw of hope, even within the face of adversity, embody the resilience and readiness for a loving household that each dog deserves. As Roman aptly places it, “Dogs like Liam could educate humanity some crucial truths. Your religion is simply restored.” Liam’s journey stands as a testomony to the facility of compassion and second probabilities, inspiring hope within the hearts of all who hear his story.

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