Family Adopts ‘Unicorn Dog’ Who Endured Rough Life Just Before She Was Euthanized

 The “unicorn” dog, Strawberry, a pit bull combine who’s 2 years outdated, was virtually put to sleep due to a bump on her head however has since discovered a loving house.

Strawberry was saved from euthanasia by the La Belle Basis, a Los Angeles-based animal rescue group, in accordance with an Instagram submit from April 2022. “Her pores and skin was brilliant pink from an infection, lined in mange, and she or he had 2 massive lumps on her head,” the submit said.

Strawberry has earned the nickname “the unicorn dog.”With because of Kristen Kuhlman

After seeing updates on Strawberry on-line, South Pasadena, California, mother Kristen Kuhlman instructed that she knew she needed to undertake her.

She was nonetheless accessible, and I continued seeing her picture seem on the muse’s Instagram web page. I had by no means seen a dog like her earlier than, and she or he simply had such form eyes, Kuhlman remarked. “She’s one in 1,000,000, one in all a form, and really distinctive and recognizable.”

“I’ve at all times jokingly stated that I just like the dogs which can be blind or solely have three legs,” Kuhlman remarked. I choose to amass pets that match that description. Strawberry thus appeared like a pleasant selection for our household for some purpose.

Kuhlman is a married mom of twins. Strawberry had a “robust” time acclimating to her new environment when Kuhlman first introduced her house in September 2022, in accordance with the girl.

“Strawberry’s been by rather a lot in her life,” she remarked.

Strawberry was apprehensive at first and “did not know what was occurring” as a result of she had been shifting a lot. Strawberry would “form of cry” at night time, in accordance with Kuhlman, who additionally famous this.

“Oh no, what have we gotten ourselves into,” all of us thought, she recalled. “However boy, inside a few weeks, she broke out of her shell and become probably the most lovable dog. My family adore her.

Strawberry enjoys cuddling and fetch video games together with her new household.

Strawberry enjoys cuddling and fetch video games together with her new household.Because of Kristen Kuhlman, we all know that Strawberry enjoys a great sport of fetch, that her youngsters like to play together with her, and that her husband enjoys taking naps and cuddling with Strawberry on the sofa.

They selected to protect Strawberry’s title quite than change it as a result of Kuhlman felt the nickname suited Strawberry’s character as a result of she is a “actually candy woman.”

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  2. Regular Exercise: Just like humans, animals need regular physical activity to stay healthy. Make sure they have enough space to move around and engage in natural behaviors. For pets like dogs, daily walks and playtime are crucial.
  3. Routine Veterinary Care: Schedule regular check-ups with a qualified veterinarian to monitor your animal’s health and address any issues promptly. Vaccinations, parasite control, and dental care are all important aspects of veterinary care.
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