He Cried Like A Baby When I Saw Him Being Locked Into A Tree In An Left House…

 01 Nov 9:0 PM – I’m headed there to keep away from losing Blackie. He was found by a woman who had simply these days purchased a model new home.

Reiki: His sister was shocked to see a human as soon as extra, regardless that I was an entire stranger to her.

Because the lady claimed that the house had been vacant for a month, Blackie and Reiki ought to have been locked up all by way of that time.

Their eyes current that they are now full of hope. I’m crying as I sit proper right here with my two well-cared-for dogs. Bless those who had been able to save these lovers.


Individuals are terribly wicked and cruel. Even animals have emotions! I love your assist with Blackie and his sibling.


I uncover it inconceivable that anyone may probably be so brutal to innocent, helpless animals. I hope whoever did this has a tragic life and solely experiences struggling for the remainder of their pitiful, pointless existence!

He was about to crawl away when he saw the doctor and the miracle happened

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