He was about to crawl away when he saw the doctor and the miracle happened

 No one is conscious of Suzy’s origins; they solely know that he can solely crawl on the streets.

We shared the medical doctors’ optimism that he would expertise miracles just like these skilled by different dogs, and love and religion had been what propelled Him to new heights.

Suzy is repeatedly wholesome and content material, and we anticipate that he’ll quickly be capable of run joyfully with the opposite dogs.

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Each time I see a dog like Susie, I begin crying. He is a stunning pet. until you got here alongside, I used to be depressed. I am so blissful you discovered him or that he discovered you as a result of love is able to a lot. You’re a actually form individual for caring for him and giving him the life he deserves.

At all times might God bless you. Suzy is on my thoughts and in my prayers that she is going to get better and lead a cheerful life. The way in which folks deal with their pets is an effective indicator of an individual’s ethical character. I get pleasure from dogs.

Seeing these lovely dogs in such horrible form breaks my coronary heart. We admire you saving these two pretty dogs. When these animals nearly power themselves to stroll as soon as once more, it’s a miracle. I am curious about how each of those canines will seem in a 12 months.

modern dog training methods that are widely regarded as effective:

  1. Positive Reinforcement: This involves rewarding your dog for desired behaviors rather than punishing them for undesirable ones. Treats, praise, toys, or affection can be used as rewards.
  2. Clicker Training: This method utilizes a small device called a clicker to mark desired behaviors, followed by a reward. It helps in clear communication with your dog and reinforces positive behaviors effectively.
  3. Target Training: Teaching your dog to touch or follow a target (such as your hand or a stick) can be useful for teaching various commands and behaviors.
  4. Marker Training: Similar to clicker training, marker training uses a verbal cue or signal (like “Yes!” or “Good!”) to indicate to your dog that they’ve performed the desired behavior correctly, followed by a reward.
  5. Capturing: This involves rewarding your dog for naturally exhibiting a desired behavior without any prompting from you. For example, if your dog sits down on its own, you can reward it to reinforce the behavior.
  6. Shaping: Shaping involves gradually molding or shaping a behavior by rewarding small steps toward the desired behavior. For example, if you want your dog to fetch a ball, you might initially reward them for looking at the ball, then for moving towards it, and so on until they’re fetching it.
  7. Desensitization and Counterconditioning: These techniques are used to help dogs overcome fear, anxiety, or aggression towards certain stimuli by gradually exposing them to the trigger in a controlled and positive way, while associating it with something pleasant.
  8. Consistency and Patience: Regardless of the method you choose, consistency and patience are key to successful dog training. Dogs thrive on routine and clear communication, so being consistent in your expectations and training methods will help them learn more effectively.

Remember, every dog is unique, so it’s important to adapt your training approach to suit your dog’s individual temperament, personality, and learning style. Additionally, seeking guidance from professional trainers or behaviorists can be beneficial, especially for addressing specific issues or challenges.

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