Little Puppy Who Has A Permanent Big Smile On His Face Brings Joy To Everyone

 The protagonist of this story is Chevy, a nine-year-old Pomeranian who resides in Kettering, Ohio, together with his dad and mom. Chevy is exclusive in that he smiles frequently, which helped him grow to be well-known in his group.

Tina Marcum Denlinger, Chevy’s mom, claimed that Chevy has by no means skilled a foul day. He’s completely satisfied just about on a regular basis! When he eats or goes for walks, he rejoices! He is simply perpetually joyful


The dog as soon as went tenting and mountain climbing together with his household, two actions they honestly take pleasure in. He sits on the entrance seat of his dad and mom’ golf cart and appears about.


Everybody on the campground, in response to Denlinger, is accustomed to him! Chevy’s dad and mom claimed that solely when he’s chilly or uncomfortable does his smile vanish. However as quickly as he receives a deal with, he beams as soon as extra! How Amusing!


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