Malnourished Stray Dog Adopted and Taken to Pet-Friendly Restaurants Across Los Angeles

A previously homeless dog is now having the time of his life hopping across the trendiest eating places in Los Angeles. Ivy Diep discovered the stray dog on the streets method again in 2014 and named him Popeye. The pet was skinny and matted so Diep determined to take him dwelling. Her husband and their different pets immediately obtained together with Popeye.

In the future, she introduced Popeye to one in every of her Instagram dates together with her pal. They continually strive new eating places, take pictures, and submit evaluations on Instagram. That’s when she found that Popeye truly makes an amazing companion at eating places. He’s well-behaved round meals and would even sit nonetheless and be cute for pictures.

She created Popeye the Foodie Dog, an Instagram account devoted to doc Popeye’s foodie adventures round LA, however don’t fear, Popeye doesn’t truly get to eat all of the scrumptious meals within the photograph, since his mother and father on

ly feed him meals that’s secure for dogs.

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