My Son Found This Puppy In The Park – He Is Severely Anemic, Dehydrated & Malnourished!

 This pet was discovered by my son in a park. He was in a bush hiding, however when he noticed my son clutching hen wings, he got here out.

Earnie was emaciated, terribly anemic, and dehydrated. Once we initially acquired him, he was struggling pneumonia as effectively.

He acquired 3 blood transfusions and IV antibiotics every single day. Earnie was worn out and spent the primary few days simply sleeping.

My honest gratitude and respect are with you and your child. Wonderful work! God’s blessings on you all for helping this lovely dog.

I sincerely admire your charity in taking on this lovely pet, getting him the therapy he so sorely wanted, and electing to maintain him in your heat house. Now, he’ll obtain the suitable care. Now that he has a spot of his personal, I can inform how content material he’s. Bless you and your complete household, together with the pets.

What a cute dog! I am very glad you saved him. He’ll convey you years of happiness; all he wants is meals, affection, and pointers to observe as a household dog. blessings to you and your loved ones, each two-legged and four-legged!!!

It is clear that you just take glorious care of your youngsters and animals. Respect!!!!

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