Thіs police Dog еmоtіоnallу Said Goodbye To Hіs Handler

 There are mysterious occasions within the relationship that develops between a person and a dog. This was the case with “Jerjes,” a dog that stated goodbye to his comrade Jorge Baeza, a Carabineros Canine Coaching Unit member, in an emotional approach.


Since “Jerjes” joined the workforce in 2013, Baeza and the dog have been pals. Thereafter, they have been unable to be separated. His capital-area coworkers have been fast to rearrange for his transportation to Concepción for his funeral. The animal’s emotional response was sudden.


Eduardo Ortega, who attended the funeral and shared the photographs on Fb, wrote: “I feel it is essential to share this photograph since right this moment we stated goodbye to the stays of a colleague, a canine trainer, and his colleagues from Santiago introduced his trusty good friend to say goodbye to him.


Please have a look at your devoted good friend who was on the cemetery. I really feel it is essential to share this photograph as a result of it had a big influence on me. He concluded by saying, “Relaxation in peace, pricey fellow dog breeder.”

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