The dog clings to the shores of Lake Lytham after bеing cаught in thе wаtеr аt night

 A dog was saved from a lake in Lancashire after spending the night time clinging to a picket construction for defense.

Early this morning, somebody seen the German Shepherd clinging to life on the shore of Fairhaven Lake (March 25). Together with the Lancashire Hearth and Rescue Service and help from most people, police within the neighborhood sprang into motion to avoid wasting the stranded dog.


The dog has reportedly been given to the neighborhood RSPCA and is protected and sound. In line with LancsLive, the dog is being handled for by The Veterinary Well being Centre, and its proprietor might want to current identification.

In an effort to search out the dog’s proprietor, police say they may even be making inquiries close to the lake. They’ve began a request for info marketing campaign.

A German Shepherd dog was reported to have been caught within the water at Fairhaven Lake this morning after spending the night time there, in response to a social media put up by Fylde Police.

“We will verify that the dog was saved by our Lancs Hearth & Rescue colleagues in addition to plenty of members of the general public, which was a wonderful final result.


The Veterinary Well being Centre is caring for the dog, and the proprietor should present documentation.

“The dog is now safe and underneath the care of the neighborhood RSPCA. To see if we will establish the proprietor of this dog, we shall be looking out the lake’s CCTV footage.

“Have been you close by?” Have you ever seen something? Is your dog right here? In that case, kindly report it on-line or by phoning 101 and referencing log quantity 0243 for this specific day. I admire your entire work.

here are 20 tips for raising a dog:

  1. Be Consistent with Rules: Consistency in enforcing rules helps your dog understand what behavior is acceptable.
  2. Use a Crate Wisely: Crate training can aid in housetraining and provide a safe space for your dog when you’re not home, but don’t use it as punishment.
  3. Be Aware of Body Language: Learn to read your dog’s body language to understand their feelings and avoid stressful situations.
  4. Practice Patience: Dogs learn at their own pace, so be patient and understanding during training and behavior modification.
  5. Teach Bite Inhibition: Teach your dog to control the force of their bite during play to prevent accidental injuries.
  6. Supervise Interactions: Always supervise interactions between your dog and children or other pets to prevent accidents or conflicts.
  7. Prevent Resource Guarding: Teach your dog to share resources like food, toys, and space to prevent possessive behavior.
  8. Be Mindful of Temperature: Avoid leaving your dog outdoors in extreme heat or cold, and be cautious of hot pavement during walks.
  9. Provide Mental Challenges: Engage your dog’s brain with activities like obedience training, agility courses, or scent work.
  10. Practice Recall: Teach your dog a reliable recall command so you can call them back to you in any situation.
  11. Consider Spaying or Neutering: Discuss the benefits of spaying or neutering your dog with your vet to prevent unwanted litters and certain health issues.
  12. Manage Stress: Minimize stressors in your dog’s environment and provide comfort during times of anxiety, such as thunderstorms or fireworks.
  13. Be a Good Neighbor: Respect your neighbors by keeping your dog from excessive barking and cleaning up after them in public spaces.
  14. Prevent Separation Anxiety: Gradually accustom your dog to being alone for short periods to prevent separation anxiety.
  15. Train for Handling: Get your dog used to being handled for grooming, vet visits, and other necessary care from an early age.
  16. Be Prepared for Emergencies: Have a plan in place for emergencies, including natural disasters or sudden health issues.
  17. Monitor Their Weight: Keep an eye on your dog’s weight and adjust their diet and exercise as needed to maintain a healthy body condition.
  18. Continue Learning: Stay informed about new training techniques, health developments, and advancements in dog care to provide the best for your pet.
  19. Be Firm but Kind: Set boundaries and correct unwanted behavior with firmness, but always show kindness and love to your dog.
  20. Enjoy Your Time Together: Finally, cherish the moments you share with your dog and create lasting memories through adventures, cuddles, and playtime.

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