Transformation of a Rescued Pup: From Painful Past to World’s Most Beautiful Dog

Harlow’s journey started in January 2021, when he was rescued from the P.S.A. shelter. He was discovered locked in a room whereas his proprietor was away on trip. Nobody appeared focused on giving him an opportunity as a result of he was so severely underweight.

After I first introduced Harlow inside, he was initially fearful. I used to be obligated to stay by his aspect, providing him soothing phrases and nourishing meals to assist him regain his energy.

The following day, he labored up the braveness to play with our different dog, Jada, within the yard. Nevertheless, each time we left him alone, he turned depressed. To alleviate his anxiousness, I discovered myself continually conversing with him and even permitting him to spend just a few nights in my room.

Luckily, Harlow had a voracious urge for food, and he gained two kilograms inside per week, though he nonetheless appeared emaciated, weighing 20 kilograms lower than his superb weight.

Harlow’s confidence elevated over time, and he turned much less anxious and fearful. He started to get pleasure from leisurely strolls and overcame his concern of the darkish. He delighted in his newfound freedom by sprinting across the backyard, which turned his favourite exercise.


After three months of enchancment, I made a decision it was time to take Harlow to the seashore for the primary time. It was a transformative expertise for him, as he reveled within the sand, solar, and surf, his pleasure evident in each wag of his tail.

Trying again on his miraculous transformation, Harlow is now a superbly regular dog: wholesome, confident, and infrequently playful.

The truth that he has moved on from his previous traumas is an indication of his growth, even if he has a behavior I detest.


Harlow’s journey is a testomony to the facility of affection, persistence, and compassion. He has overcome his troubled previous and is now trying ahead to a affluent future with a loving household.

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