Two Dogs Rescued from Baiting Hell, Now Rebuilding Their Lives

Final week, a girl in Philadelphia was shocked to see two bait dogs in horrible situation sitting on her porch, clearly victims of dog preventing. They had been bleeding, malnourished, and had damaged bones. The lady, Tara Whitaker, spent three hours caring for them earlier than animal management arrived. The dogs had been taken in by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the place they obtained medical care and love for probably the primary time of their lives.

Tara later contacted the rescue group to specific her gratitude for caring for the dogs. She described how hungry and thirsty they had been, with the feminine, Candy Pea, consuming greater than the male, Dizzy, who was in an excessive amount of ache. Dizzy appeared to have lived his life in a cage, with crooked and bent legs. He was swaying forwards and backwards, in ache and concern, and relieved himself when the leash was taken off by animal management.


Tara had tried to discover a rescue or somebody to take the dogs in earlier than animal management arrived, however when nobody got here, she promised them that she would discover a good rescue to save lots of them. She thanked Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for stepping in and conserving them protected from being euthanized whereas ready for rescue.


Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shared the story on their Fb web page, expressing their unhappiness and repulsion on the dogs’ situation. Dizzy had chunk wounds throughout his physique, and Candy Pea had a swollen face. Dizzy was terrified of people, comprehensible contemplating the betrayal and abuse that they had suffered by the hands of people concerned in dog preventing.

The rescue hopes that sharing the story of those two harmless dogs will assist educate folks and lift consciousness in regards to the existence of dog preventing in society. They emphasize that it occurs not simply in Philadelphia or New York, however in every single place, and that everybody should work collectively to finish this merciless observe.

Here are 20 more tips for bathing your dog:

  1. Timing is Key: Choose a time when your dog is calm and not overly energetic.
  2. Secure the Environment: Close any doors or gates to prevent your dog from escaping during the bath.
  3. Start Small: If your dog is not used to baths, start with short sessions and gradually increase the duration as they become more comfortable.
  4. Use a Detachable Showerhead: A detachable showerhead can make rinsing easier, especially for dogs with long or thick coats.
  5. Consider a Bathing Tether: A bathing tether can help keep your dog in place during the bath, preventing them from wandering or slipping.
  6. Use Positive Reinforcement: Use verbal cues and rewards to encourage your dog to cooperate during the bath.
  7. Keep Calm: Dogs can sense your emotions, so staying calm and relaxed can help keep them calm too.
  8. Watch the Water Pressure: Avoid using high water pressure, as it can be uncomfortable or frightening for your dog.
  9. Have a Helper: If possible, enlist the help of a friend or family member to assist you during the bath, especially with larger dogs.
  10. Take Breaks if Needed: If your dog becomes stressed or agitated during the bath, take breaks as needed to allow them to calm down.
  11. Use a Slip-Resistant Mat: Place a slip-resistant mat in the bathtub or shower to provide better traction for your dog.
  12. Cover Drainage Holes: Cover any drainage holes in the bathtub or shower to prevent your dog’s paws from getting caught.
  13. Avoid Over-bathing: Bathing too frequently can strip your dog’s skin of natural oils, so follow your veterinarian’s recommendations for bathing frequency.
  14. Trim Excess Fur: If your dog has particularly long or thick fur, consider trimming it before bathing to make the process easier.
  15. Stay Organized: Keep all your bathing supplies organized and within reach to minimize stress and distractions during the bath.
  16. Use a Doggie Bathrobe: A doggie bathrobe can help keep your dog warm and cozy after the bath, especially in colder weather.
  17. Check for Hot Spots: Take the opportunity during the bath to check your dog’s skin for any signs of hot spots or irritation.
  18. Monitor Water Temperature: Keep an eye on the water temperature throughout the bath to ensure it remains comfortable for your dog.
  19. Reward Good Behavior: Praise and reward your dog for good behavior during the bath, such as staying still or remaining calm.
  20. Practice Regular Maintenance: Regular grooming and maintenance between baths can help keep your dog’s coat clean and healthy, reducing the need for frequent baths.

These additional tips can further enhance the bathing experience for both you and your furry friend!


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