Two Dogs Saved from the Horrors of Baiting, Embarking on a Journey of Healing and Redemption

Final week, a lady in Philadelphia was shocked to see two bait dogs in horrible situation sitting on her porch, clearly victims of dog combating. They had been bleeding, malnourished, and had damaged bones. The girl, Tara Whitaker, spent three hours caring for them earlier than animal management arrived. The dogs had been taken in by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, the place they acquired medical care and love for presumably the primary time of their lives.

Tara later contacted the rescue group to precise her gratitude for caring for the dogs. She described how hungry and thirsty they had been, with the feminine, Candy Pea, consuming greater than the male, Dizzy, who was in an excessive amount of ache. Dizzy appeared to have lived his life in a cage, with crooked and bent legs. He was swaying backwards and forwards, in ache and concern, and relieved himself when the leash was taken off by animal management.

Tara had tried to discover a rescue or somebody to take the dogs in earlier than animal management arrived, however when nobody got here, she promised them that she would discover a good rescue to avoid wasting them. She thanked Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for stepping in and holding them protected from being euthanized whereas ready for rescue.

Rescue Dogs Rock NYC shared the story on their Fb web page, expressing their disappointment and repulsion on the dogs’ situation. Dizzy had chunk wounds throughout his physique, and Candy Pea had a swollen face. Dizzy was frightened of people, comprehensible contemplating the betrayal and abuse they’d suffered by the hands of people concerned in dog combating.

The rescue hopes that sharing the story of those two harmless dogs will assist educate folks and lift consciousness concerning the existence of dog combating in society. They emphasize that it occurs not simply in Philadelphia or New York, however all over the place, and that everybody should work collectively to finish this merciless observe.


10 Common Dog Health Problems

Some health problems are specific to certain breeds, such as breathing complications for flat-faced dogs. But several other canine health issues can affect any dog. Here are 10 typical health conditions you need to watch out for in your four-legged best friend:

Top 10 Common Dog Health Problems

Skin Problems

One of the most obvious signs that your dog has a skin condition is itching. Other symptoms that may suggest that your dog has a skin problem include rashes, redness, dry skin, lumps, bumps, skin sores, dandruff, and hair loss.

Ear Diseases

Approximately 20 percent of dogs suffer from ear disease. It’s particularly common in breeds with floppy ears like cocker spaniels and basset hounds. It’s common to see wax buildup or discharge in their ear canal. But others may experience pain, itchiness, redness, swelling, and crusting in the ears.

Urinary Tract Infections

Simply known as UTI, this condition can make it uncomfortable for your beloved companion to pass urine. Signs of urinary tract infection include drinking water more than usual and passing urine more often than usual. Your dog may also only pass a small amount or lose bladder control. Additionally, you may see blood in their urine or notice a strong smell to it.


There are countless reasons why your pet may throw up. You don’t need to visit the vet each time your dog vomits. But it’s also not something you can just ignore. Don’t try to guess. If the vomiting persists or occurs with other symptoms like diarrhea or lethargy, you need to rush to the vet. It could be a sign of severe health problems, such as poisoning or gastrointestinal blockage.


This symptom may occur on its own or be accompanied by vomiting. Its potential causes are similar to vomiting. One or two episodes of diarrhea may not be a pet emergency. But recurring diarrhea can result in dehydration.


At some point in their lives, your pet may have to deal with discomfort due to internal or external parasites. Symptoms of parasites generally vary, depending on a few factors. These include the kind of parasite that has plagued your pet, where it lives, and how severe its infestation is.

Dental Issues

Like us, your dog can develop canine dental diseases due to high levels of plaque buildup. Several signs indicate that your pet may have dental disease. These include difficulty eating, bleeding of the gums or teeth, loose teeth, and bad breath.


Nearly 30 percent of the general dog population is considered obese. Several factors contribute to a pet’s risk. These include age, genetic predisposition, lack of exercise, and overfeeding, among others.


This joint problem can restrict your dog’s mobility. Bring Fido to the vet if you see your dog slow down or limp before and after walks. Other signs include licking or chewing on tender areas and behavioral changes.

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