Unbreakable Bond: Rescued Stray Puppies Refuse to Let Go, Constantly Embrace Each Other

How Buddhist Nuns Saved Two Stray Puppies from the Streets of Vietnam

Think about being a tiny pet, alone and afraid within the busy streets of Ho Chi Minh Metropolis, Vietnam. Nobody cares about you, nobody feeds you, nobody offers you a heat hug. That was the unhappy actuality for 2 stray puppies till they met their guardian angels: Buddhist nuns from a close-by pagoda.

The nuns noticed the 2 pups huddled collectively in a nook, shivering and ravenous. They determined to rescue them and produce them to their temple, the place they gave them meals, water, and love. The puppies have been so grateful that they could not cease hugging one another. They felt secure and guarded for the primary time of their lives.

The nuns named the larger pup Ngo (that means peace) and the smaller one An (that means grace). They taught them how you can meditate and follow mindfulness. The puppies discovered to take a seat nonetheless and calm their minds, identical to the nuns. They even adopted the Zen pose, with their paws crossed and their eyes closed.

The puppies at the moment are completely satisfied and wholesome, due to the kindness of the nuns. They’ve turn into extra assured and relaxed, figuring out that they’ve a house and a household. Additionally they have one another, they usually by no means let go of their paws.

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