University Grants Service Dog His Own Degree After Helping Owner Graduate

Service dogs may be invaluable companions to individuals who want them. Not solely can they supply medical and emotional assist, however in addition they simply make nice, loyal pets, by your aspect whenever you want them most.

So after one loyal service dog stayed by his human aspect all through grad college, the college determined he was worthy of a major honor.

Brittany Hawley, from Wilson, North Carolina, makes use of a wheelchair and suffers from complicated regional ache syndrome. She was the right candidate for a service dog, and some years in the past obtained one by way of the paws4prisons program.

When she met a dog named Griffin, she knew he was the one: “Some dogs had been petrified of the wheelchair,” Brittany informed us. “Griffin jumped into my lap and licked me throughout the face.”

Griffin got here into her life simply as she was about to embark on an thrilling new journey: attending Clarkson College to get her grasp’s diploma in occupational remedy.

The dog proved his value: he was in a position to go to all of Brittany’s lessons and helped her by doing issues like opening doorways and fetching provides. He additionally proved to be a comforting good friend in periods of hysteria and despair.

“I felt extra unbiased, I used to be extra social, I felt extra outgoing with him,” Brittany informed CBS Information.

Brittany and Griffin continued to thrive at Clarkson, and in late 2018 Brittany was able to graduate.

However she knew she couldn’t have completed it with out her service dog… and knew she couldn’t rejoice with out him.

“We moved to New York collectively, we began college collectively and we completed collectively,” Brittany mentioned.

She didn’t simply need him by her aspect, nonetheless—she needed him to have his personal diploma.

“I pushed from day one, once I graduate, I would like Griffin to graduate with me.”

Remarkably, the college agreed—and Griffin received to stroll throughout the stage and settle for his personal honorary diploma for “extraordinary contributions to pupil success.”

“The Board of Trustees acknowledged that Griffin has demonstrated extraordinary effort, steadfast dedication, and diligent dedication to the wellbeing and pupil success of his proprietor Brittany,” Clarkson mentioned in an announcement.

“The 2 have pursued 100% collectively a graduate diploma in Occupational Remedy attending all the identical lessons, lectures, school appointments … absolutely making Griffin an equal member of the Clarkson Golden Knights household.”

After commencement, Brittany continued to pursue her dream of turning into an occupational therapist, hoping to work with veterans and army folks.

And naturally, she’ll maintain her loyal service dog proper by her aspect.

“Each time I get a job, he might be with me each single day,” Brittany mentioned.

What a becoming honor for this loyal service dog! He positively earned that diploma!

It goes to point out the exceptional affect service dogs can have. Share this inspiring story!

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